The company was founded on December 12, 2017.

The company has developed the concept of a collection of hyperrealistic sculptural images of hunting trophies.

The sculptures are produced by the author's method of argentumization of natural organic samples. This is a new direction in the culture of trophy hunting and taxidermy.


Featured in the book
The most significant - the only collection in the world
«Me, wisdom, <...>
The Lord had me as the beginning
of His way, before His creatures,
from time immemorial; <...> I was
the artist with Him <...>»
(Parables 8:12,22,23,30)
The Almighty, the Great Creator of all things, created the unfathomable beauty by His wisdom as the Creator. A person, as a disciple, only tries to copy this beauty, created according to the laws set by Him, and to comprehend the laws of beauty given from Above, which determine the observed phenomena and the essence of these phenomena, to the best of his abilities.

My dear viewer-reader may have already been surprised to notice that the sculptures presented are grown from silver. I will give some clarifications here.

The questions of growth in nature are multifaceted. They touch upon in Theology, philosophy, natural science.

In Theology: «<...> you do not know <...> how bones are formed in the womb of a pregnant woman, <...> you cannot know the work of God, Who does everything» (Eccl 11:5).

Indeed, «in the womb» of any animal is liquid (water solution). How does it originate from liquid (in liquid) (and then grow!) solid matter!? After all, there is no dispute, bone is a solid substance...

The philosophical question is shape. Why are the horns of the oryxspades, and the horns of gazelles are curved? Horns of ibex are «saber–shaped» and horns of rams are twisted like a spiral? Deer horns are branching, fallow deer and elk horns are «shovel-like»? Isn’t it made of the same bone material, consisting of molecules of the same organic matter, which consists of the same atoms, consisting of the same elementary particles — «clumps» of energy — light, the same that the God created first in the material world, saying: «Let there be light» (Gen. 1:3).

The question goes back to the Main question of philosophy: «Whatcomes first: matter or consciousness? » A creationist who knows that the wisdom of God is an artist, who makes beautiful incomprehensible creations, will answer this question one way, and an evolutionist will, so that it is not always and not everywhere decent to repeat, sorry for that.

Natural science states the growth of «everything». A living cell grows, forming multicellular organisms. And man, like an amoeba, was one cell in his earthly life. «Inanimate» matter is growing: crystals are growing, starting with a molecule invisible to the human eye. Materialistic scientists claim that the Universe is growing (expanding), which once originated from a «superdensegrain of sand» (called by them cosmological singularity), actually preaching something close in form to: «The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed <...>, which is although smaller than all seeds, but when it grows <...>, becomes a tree, so that the birds of heaven come and take their refuge in its branches» (Mt 13:31-32).

The copies of the creations of the wisdom of the Supreme Creator — His artist — have grown out of silver atoms…

V. P. Antonov-Druzhinin
© 2023 Golden Safari
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